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The following showed up on the shortwingpipers forum 4-12-2011

I used Fly-Ties My ropes never loosened. Two airplanes behind me broke their tie-downs and went over on their backs. I know one of them was using the Claw which broke. Several of the Vendor Aircraft broke their claw tie-downs however the winds in the Antique/Classic area were straight line estimated by the NWS to be 75 mph. The Vendor and Homebuilt area were in the area where an F1 Tornado was spawned by the microburst and touched down. Those winds were estimated at 105 mph. I saw Claws in that area broken and others that pulled the nails up." "Personally after what I saw at SnF I think the Fly-Ties are superior to the Claw."

Last edited by Gilbert Pierce; 04-12-2011 at 07:56 PM.

Rated “Top Choice” by Aviation Consumers

April 7, 2011

Dear Bruce;

In 2002 I wrote a review in Private Pilot Magazine on the FlyTies I got from you and have been using them ever since. They are the older style that came in a tube with the two part removal tool, and have served me very well. Below is my testimonial on how well they worked during the tornado at Sun 'n Fun just a little over a week ago: "As the tornado and straight line winds swept through Sun 'n Fun March 31st of 2011, my first concern was of my friends where were camping near our airplanes in the Vintage parking area, and then of my restored award winning 1949 Ryan Navion. I rode out the storm in one of the big exhibit hangars, and with the rain still falling went to check on my friends. On the way there I saw many of the more than 70 damaged and destroyed airplanes. Once in the Vintage area I found that both my friends and my airplane had survived. Though the 90 MPH winds had moved the tail of my plane when the tie down rope stretched, my FlyTies were still firmly and completely in the ground and the airplane was saved. Nearby airplanes were destroyed, and I saw many instances of other types of tie downs that had failed. My FlyTies didn't fail and didn't come out of the ground. They worked as advertised, and because they did, I still have my classic Navion."

Just a note: After the storm passed I repositioned the rear tie down, and all that I saw was some very slight bending in several of the stakes, and that showed how much stress they were under in winds that were clocked at over 90 MPH. Ironically, upon my arrival earlier in the week I had tossed the tube holding the FlyTies out on the ground and the tube had cracked in half. I plan to make a replacement from plumbing supplies. Other than that some of the stake heads are beat up after almost 10 years of use, but they still work for now.

Thanks for making a great product, and best regards,
Charles Stites

Aviation Consumer says FlyTies are the best portable tie down on the market. 
(See May 2001 issue)

Dear Bruce,

I would like to thank you for the security and peace of mind that your FlyTies give me. Recently, I parked my airplane at Oshkosh for EAA Airventure 2006. We were ready for a relaxing week, but Mother Nature had more turbulent plans. The first night, I spied a funnel cloud descending from an ominous looking thunderstorm over the field. Fortunately, the funnel cloud never touched down, but it was an indication of the things to come.

My airplane, a Cessna 185, is particularly susceptible to strong winds since it is a taildragger, and sits on the ground in a nose-high attitude. The airplane will pull strongly against any tiedowns with strong gusts from the front due to the angle of attack on the ground. On one of the last days of the show, a powerful squall line pushed through Oshkosh in the early morning hours with wind gusts to over 60 knots. One taildragger at a nearby airfield tore through its tiedowns and was blown over onto another aircraft. However, my FlyTies held strong. I awoke the next morning to find my airplane and the FlyTies securely on the ground.

Thanks again,

John Kounis
Editor, Pilot Getaways Magazine
(818) 241-1890